Join Us Virtually!

The 2021 501F Users Group Virtual Conference will be held Monday, February 15th through Thursday, February 18th and Tuesday, February 23rd through Thursday, February 25th, 2021 for a total of seven (7) days of over the two-week period. Our online host will be Scott Schwieger from Combined Cycle Journal (CCJ).

The 501F Users Group, Inc. Board of Directors, along with Square One Meeting Planning and Scott Schwieger (CCJ) have been working for months to provide a manageable, yet valuable conference for Users & Vendors alike in this “pandemic” world we currently live and work in. While we will all terribly miss seeing everyone in person this year, we felt under the circumstances, especially with many companies having various, often very strict travel constraints that planning and executing the conference virtually was the right thing to do.

This year’s conference will again be managed by Square One Meeting Planning (Jacki Bennis). All the information necessary to register for the conference is on one of the tabs or links of the User registration website.

If there are any questions regarding Conference Registration, please feel free to contact Jacki Bennis (843.408.4224 or

At the Conference:

This year's conference will formally start at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, February 15th. Some of the conference highlights are:

  • In an effort to add value for the non-OEM/OOEM Vendors participating in Vendorama/Vendor Fair events, we have invited not only the 501G Users who have co-located with us at many previous “live” conferences, but also the Siemens H and V Frame Users to participate.
  • Conference Welcome and Virtual Conference Instructions, as well as a Safety Roundtable discussion on Monday, February 15th. All Users who plan to participate in the conference are encouraged to attend the Welcome & Instructions sessions, especially if they have never attended a 501F&G Users Conference in the past.
  • Single-Vendor Vendorama sessions on the Days 1 & 2 and Days 5 & 6 of the conference, rather than the multiple-vendor, in parallel vendorama sessions format used at the “live” conferences and followed by a small group Vendor Fair comprised of that day’s Vendorama presenters.
    • Vendorama presentations provide users a superior learning experience, most offering owners engine reliability/availability benefits when implemented. This is said to be the most robust forum of its type currently offered by the gas-turbine user-group community. Please keep in mind the significant Vendor participation we enjoyed in past years has been 'key' to the ongoing success of our conference; so please make an extra effort to attend some of the Vendorama Presentations, as well as spending some quality time visiting with the various Vendors during the Vendor Fair.
  • There will be special closed-session presentations to the F Users by industry heavyweights PSM on Day 3, Mitsubishi (MPSA) on Day 4, GE on Day 6, and Siemens on Day 7.
  • New for this year will be two (2) one-hour Generator training sessions, one for the rotor on Day 3 and one for the stator on Day 4, provided by National Electric Coil (NEC).
  • Closed, F Users-only sessions, with User presentations and-or Roundtable discussions to “kick-off” each of Days 2 through 7, with a second User presentation and Roundtable discussion slot on Day 7.
    • Please consider volunteering to share an experience with your fellow users by responding to the board’s request for your specific experiences & participation for these important areas of our conference format.

View the conference agenda here.

We look forward to seeing you online.

Board of Directors - 501F Users Group, Inc.:
Blaine Gartner, Xcel Energy
Brian Berkstresser, Liberty Utilities (Secretary)
John Burke, NAES, LSP - Cottage Grove
Carey Frost, Duke Energy (Vice Chairman)
Dave Gundry, Xcel Energy
Dennis Winn, Avangrid Renewables
Jamie Oliveira, EDFNF
Russ Snyder, Cleco (President & Chairman)